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Thanks to admin H, I’m watching the drama Two weeks and its killing me. Lee Jun Ki is killing me, Song Jae Rim is killing me, everything is killing me…

-(desperate to mollest lee jun ki’s fine ass) admin B

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[140518] Crazy Live in Tokyo #5 (cr) 

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Can somebody thank this man for existing and send him my regards and stuff? And my phonenumber… ugh <3

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I loooooooove pizza.

-Admin B

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[yep, it’s hyunsik]

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Smokin’ hot.

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The sight of him touching himself is just unbearable. Let me do it for you!

-Admin B

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-(Frustrated as fuck)Admin B

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Does someone have like the next part of this porn?

-Admin B

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Studying for my Korean history exam tomorrow or watching the last 2 episodes of Heirs… Do I even have a choice?

Sorry Woobin.. *sobs*

I said I’m sorry! T.T

No…nononononoNO. Must. Study. Stop seducing me omg I LOVE YOU OK Q.Q

Are you laughing at me? T.T

Mean (TㅠT)

-Admin H

Tagged as: ok i was bored. i have enough to do tho. but srsly. korean history. it's not even fucking funny. ok except for the fact that yongjo killed his son sado so that his grandson could ascend the throne cuz he thought his son wasnt good enough. what did i get myself into. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY KIMS IN KOREAN HISTORY. AND YIS. AND EVERYONE HAS LIKE539874603475623456245349243587345 NAMES. a buddhist name. a confucian name. a pseudonym. a birth name. a name for when they're king. a name after their death to show what they've done in their lives. and i'm not even joking. it's interesting though. and for a higher purpose. like. learning korean. and korean culture. it takes effort. but i'll get ther. 화이팅!. 할수있어!. so many tags. sawry. venting takes a bit of time too u.u. now i can continue studying u.u.
Anonymous asked:
i think woobin is scary

Admin B & H like our Woobin scary sometimes with a dash of cutesy U.U

-Admin B

Kiseop, you need to stop

-Admin B

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Can you please do things to me.. I don’t care what, anything’s good.

-Admin H

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Anonymous asked:
9,12, 21, 46

My mom. I want Dongwoo…or Kim Woobin…or both ❤ I’m 21 in Korean age and my birthday is the 3rd of August. Ok thanks ^^ See you wednesday!

-Admin H

lol…that sounded so random xD

I bet he tastes sexy. Can something taste sexy?

-Admin H

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